Central Park, NYC Strawberry Fields, NYC Riverside Park, NYC Central Jersey Winter, Inwood Hills (Manhattan) Soapstone Valley (in progress), WDC Rock Creek Bayou (in progress), WDC
Commuters, Manhattan Bryant Park, Manhattan Zuccotti Park Occupation, Manhattan Dutch cities Dance (circa 1995-2000) Daria of Estonia (pre-digital) Thanksgiving (my family)
General Assembly Meeting in September at Zuccotti Park, early into the occupation Resident activist at Zuccotti Park (September) Activist/performers at Zuccotti Park (October) Public library (October) Zuccotti Park meeting (October) (live coverage) Meditation class (October) Zuccotti Park resident (October) (Police) Zuccotti Park residents (October) Park resident (October) Gathering at Union Square, preparing to march to Foley Square, November 17 Zuccotti Park resident