Central Park, NYC Strawberry Fields, NYC Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris Riverside Park, NYC Central Jersey Winter, Inwood Hills (Manhattan) Parc de Sceaux, France (pre-digital)
Streets, roads, walks and trails Exteriors Commuters, Manhattan Bryant Park, Manhattan Chez Monet Dance (pre-digital) The Peaceful Occupation of Zuccotti Park , NYC
Paris (Avenue Rene Coty), France Montreal (Parc Saint-Louis) Paris (Jardin du Luxembourg) NYC (Bryant Park) Paris (Intersection in 14th) Paris (Jardin du Luxembourg II) Paris (6th arrondissement) Old Prague (street corner  tram stop reflection in diner window - timed exposure) Paris (Jardin des Tuileries) Brugge, Belgium Dublin (Temple Bar district) NYC (West Side Promenade, Riverside Park) Outremont, Montreal Outremont,Montreal II Paris (Louvre Plaza) NYC (East River promenade) Paris (Jardin du Luxembourg III) Oostende, Belgium Paris (4th) Paris (Bibliotheque Nationale) Paris (Left Bank shore II) Paris (Left Bank shore IV) Paris (Left Bank shore III) Paris (Pont des Arts) Amsterdam II Washington, DC (Connecticut Avenue crosswalk at National Zoo) NYC (Plaza at Lincoln Centre) NYC (Lincoln Plaza II) Paris (Tuileries II) Amsterdam NYC (Downtown Manhattan between Ninth and Tenth Avenue) NYC (Lower West Side, Manhattan) NYC (Upper West Side intersection Brighton Beach, England Montreal (dog on ice) NYC (North Harlem overpass  II) NYC (Riverside Drive from George Washington Bridge) NYC (North Harlem overpass) NYC (George Washington Bridge) Hudson shore (Twin Bridge--Newburgh/Beacon) NYC (Rockaway boardwalk) Holland (North Haarlem, foot bridge) New Jersey  (Carnegie Lake)
Holland (North Haarlem park II) Paris (Cite Universitaire} Scotland (Isle of Iona) Scotland (Inner Hebrides coast) Scotland (Isle of Mull)