Central Park, NYC Strawberry Fields, NYC Riverside Park, NYC Central Jersey Winter, Inwood Hills (Manhattan) Soapstone Valley (in progress), WDC Rock Creek Bayou (in progress), WDC
Commuters, Manhattan Bryant Park, Manhattan Zuccotti Park Occupation, Manhattan Dutch cities Dance (circa 1995-2000) Daria of Estonia (pre-digital) Thanksgiving (my family)
Giverny, France (sepia) Giverny, France II (black and white) Chez Monet Chez Monet II Chez Monet III Chez Monet IV Chez Monet V Chez Monet VI Woods at Fontainbleu, France Rural canal (polder), North Haarlem, Netherlands Sky over Kansas Sky over Quebec Ice rink, Montreal Birds in flight, Montreal Plateau park, Montreal North Highland woods, Scotland Apples, Paris Marielle, Amsterdam